Threat Database Adware 'Killer's IP Address' Pop-Ups Scam

'Killer's IP Address' Pop-Ups Scam

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Online conmen always come up with new tactics and tricks to squeeze money out of unsuspecting users online. One of the latest cons is the ‘Killer’s IP Address’ pop-ups tactic. The pop-ups associated with this tactic present the user with a GIF animation, which appears to be tracking the IP address of the user. The animation also spawns a flashing alert, which claims to have tracked the IP address of the ‘killer.’

Apart from the fraudulent GIF animation, the user is likely to be presented with various alerts and warnings that would claim that their system has been infiltrated by viruses or has been targeted by cybercriminals. The user is urged to act quickly as it is a matter of time before their system is permanently damaged. The conmen urge users to call the +41 22 5188 918 phone number to receive quality technical support, which is meant to resolve their issues. However, rest assured that this phone number will not lead you to qualified tech-support employees. Instead, you will get in touch with experienced fraudsters who will either try to trick you into subscribing for a fake tech support service or mislead you into purchasing a useless security software suite.

The pleasant news is that none of the claims of the ‘Killer’s IP Address’ pop-ups tactic are true. There is no way for them to be aware of the health and safety of your system, so you should ignore any security reports associated with the ‘Killer’s IP Address’ pop-ups tactic. If you have come across the ‘Killer’s IP Address’ pop-ups tactic, do not panic. Simply close the website responsible for the pop-ups and continue with your day.


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