Threat Database Trojans JS/Column.EB.18


By Domesticus in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 13,054
Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 4,373
First Seen: January 31, 2013
Last Seen: August 9, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

JS/Column.EB.18 a JavaScript Trojan that is a component of a malware scam associated with Craigslist and eFax Corporate. JS/Column.EB.18 proliferates via spam Craigslist fax-to-email messages. The fake Craigslist email supposedly sent via eFax Corporate contains an HTML page attachment, which trick recipients into opening it on the compromised PC. The bogus email supposedly comes from 'craigslist ? automated message, do not reply ' and carries the subject 'Efax Corporate'. The text of the unsolicited Craigslist email reads 'View attached fax using your Internet Browser'. The attached document includes a malicious Java script code which would download a malware threat, identified as JS/Column.EB.18 on the infected computer.


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