By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Jqn.opttools.net is a browser hijacker and a site that could render several misleading and potentially dangerous messages asking to download and install unknown software. The Jqn.opttools.net page may be automatically loaded on your computer where it may act as your default home page. Usually this action is due to previously installing a random freeware program or bundled software application on your computer. The Jqn.opttools.net page may offer a media player and claim that your current version is outdated. Use of the downloads found on Jqn.opttools.net may install unwanted or questionable software that may eventually lead to loading malware on your computer. It is important to avoid use of the offered messages or downloads found on Jqn.opttools.net at all costs and remove any add-ons or plugins causing Jqn.opttools.net to load automatically.


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