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By GoldSparrow in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 8,349
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 4,018
First Seen: January 13, 2014
Last Seen: September 16, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

JoniCoupon is an adware infection that was created to generate profit for its creators by causing a wide variety of problems on affected computer systems. JoniCoupon is used to generate revenue from advertising by displaying numerous advertisements on affected computers or forcing computer users to visit websites containing advertising material repeatedly. If your computer is presenting symptoms associated with JoniCoupon, security analysts strongly advise the use of a corroborated security solution to remove JoniCoupon and content associated with this low quality Potentially Unwanted Program. JoniCoupon may compromise your privacy, cause performance problems on your computer and expose your computer to other PUPs or even more severe forms of unwanted content, such as threats.

JoniCoupon and Similar PUPs may Disrupt Your Browsing

JoniCoupon may cause various problems on the affected Web browser. The following conundrums may be associated with JoniCoupon and manifest on your PC. It is advised by security researchers the uninstallation of JoniCoupon or similar PUPs that may be present on your computer:

  • JoniCoupon may be the cause of browser redirects that force the compromised Web browser to visit websites affiliated with JoniCoupon repeatedly.
  • JoniCoupon is closely linked to a wide variety of advertising material (which is why JoniCoupon is often classified as adware). JoniCoupon will display pop-up advertisements on the affected Web browser or insert its own advertisements into websites that the PC user visits (such as adding intrusive banner advertisements or in-text marketing links to these types of unrelated websites).
  • JoniCoupon may cause performance problems on affected computer systems. JoniCoupon may cause the affected computer to slow down considerably, have problems connecting to the Internet, or freeze or crash frequently.
  • One common symptom associated with JoniCoupon is the fact that JoniCoupon may take over the affected Web browser and make unwanted changes to its settings. For example, computer users have reported that JoniCoupon changes the Web browsers' homepage or default search engine.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove JoniCoupon

File System Details

JoniCoupon may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. i4.x64.dll 84f730d12fbdd3311c0f6d09a35304e3 48
2. M.dll b900f73110fe814687addd63ac78a661 25
3. FvuzpjX.dll 04a1d8d6f4856f7f1bb45721210f1bba 16
4. 5Yobmn.x64.dll df85102c640466536123e2ff92d335dd 13
5. TPtNJfgJZ4.dll fe7a03ae3f23da1cd029b9a048a6a7a9 9
6. br5nMVB.dll 4ceb5816a22fafc10c900166f3188f67 7
7. Rfc.dll 1ef4d66a8b3d8b98c0f9de5f24869fae 7
8. e1.dll 50bbb0138e3f994aa20ee2908c83a440 6
9. 0.dll 2138d229cb43ba4ac1a922f3cc89db6e 5
10. R.dll a902e47383f2c7a375f2959b0837da59 5
11. 4YN0A.dll ba29f31f787878222e31a45a67c41faa 4
12. _ScM.dll 6f63713e63158d13c470a47cab222c16 4
13. 7BM.dll bcc680bc9440dd614a2eadc7a7d0cfb0 3
14. RKxWIP.dll a5913fd4c8fd55e69b7cc6120171b829 2
15. 6I6.dll 81c6794a98f0d068d679f46f7e89aec8 2
16. CDY3Uo.x64.dll d19774b288c1daa5b4f08f7c689db393 2
17. lYJEh.dll b5db2a24cb15e50345e89b0807cc9cde 2
18. XHpEZ.dll 55276bb41272799b24481c640a0b6556 2
19. EaCDf.x64.dll 5619131fdcbf27c33458a2b299c1223a 2
20. gV.x64.dll 984a394e77deaaf42ac085b282078b63 2
21. IeNu.dll 7e689566bbcc8e3639b558fc4be9e66f 2
22. _nnH.dll 5ce162051d29dc6ea5259e5e3db20ffa 2
23. 3g_erIMKG.dll 8aaa0b3a1ac9823691d4308ab77dfe14 2
24. JXHIWZO.dll a9b8dd63e815aca372f6d212eb26ecb3 2
25. E.x64.dll a7340b6813f4658b908905fc5bb7986d 1
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JoniCoupon may create the following directory or directories:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\JOniCoupon


JoniCoupon may call the following URLs:



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