JetClean is a misleading system optimizer application that may be installed on your computers when their users download a free program that doesn't make clear that by downloading and installing it on their computers, the users will accept the presence of JetClean on their machines. Sometimes these free programs even disclose the use of this method, called 'bundling' but the computer users that don't read the Terms of Use will not be aware that there will be another program being installed. Also, JetClean can be downloaded and installed by the computer users because JetClean claims to be able to keep their machines clean 'with a single click.

Computer users that believe in JetClean claims and run the application on their machines will receive a report of numerous, serious problems detected by this fake optimizer. Then, JetClean will claim that, to solve the problems that are affecting your machine, you need to purchase its full version, which with 'One-click Clean and Tuneup,' besides being a 'Fast and Powerful Windows Clean,' 'Light, Easy-to-use, and Reliable,' 'Improves PC Performance,' and other useful features. Although JetClean can detect and remove outdated and unnecessary entries from your computer, JetClean may, during their removal process, delete useful and necessary entries, which, instead of helping your machine, will create issues that can prejudice it. Affected computer users have reported that JetClean makes their machines to slow down by using their system resources and displays lots of advertisements that can impair their work. If you downloaded and installed JetClean on your machine or if it appeared due to a bundle, you need to know that JetClean is considered a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) by malware experts and is best to be removed. JetClean can be removed manually or with a dedicated malware removal tool.

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I've use JetClean on many systems and it works just fine. It is a one-click cleaner, just erasing temp files and trash left behind by uninstalled programs. It's fast and really speeds up any old system loaded with junk. Of course the fastest way to speed up a system is a full new reinstall. It's been scanned by many antivirus and has no virus. BitDefender now deletes it and tells you to buy Their Optimizer software!


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