By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers

Jds.pathopti.net is one of the many low quality websites that typically appear in pop-up windows if a PC is affected by a Potentially Unwanted Program. Affected computer users have reported that their Web browsers display unwanted pop-ups containing Jds.pathopti.net or they are redirected to the Jds.pathopti.net website repeatedly. These symptoms typically indicate the presence of a PUP, commonly regarded as an adware infection because its main purpose is to generate revenue from advertising by exposing computer users to numerous unwanted marketing material. Unfortunately for computer users, PUPs associated with Jds.pathopti.net may cause numerous problems on the affected computer that may disrupt the computer user's activities and expose the affected Web browser to threats or PUPs. With this in mind, security researchers vehemently suggest the removal of all PUPs associated with Jds.pathopti.net from their computers. These are usually present in the form of Web browser extensions or toolbars that are installed after downloading a free application.

Common Issues that are Linked to Jds.pathopti.net

The Jds.pathopti.net URL has been linked to numerous unwanted symptoms on affected Web browsers. The following problems may be associated with PUPs linked to Jds.pathopti.net:

  • PUPs associated with Jds.pathopti.net may take over the affected Web browser and force it to visit certain websites repeatedly. Among the websites to which the affected Web browser is redirected is Jds.pathopti.net itself.
  • Jds.pathopti.net may appear in the form of annoying pop-up windows. Affected Web browsers may display irritating advertising material that may take the place of the advertisements on Web pages viewed on the affected Web browser.
  • PUPs linked to Jds.pathopti.net may make unwanted changes to the affected Web browser's settings, including changing its home page and default new tab websites to Jds.pathopti.net.


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