By ZulaZuza in Browser Hijackers

The Jds.drivejava.net URL is closely related to an error message that tries to convince computer users to install a bogus Java update. The Jds.drivejava.net message will claim that the victim's Java Runtime Environment is out of date and then will offer to help computer users to download a supposed 'update'. In fact, following these instructions and downloading the bogus update from Jds.drivejava.net results in the installation of several Potentially Unwanted Programs. Security experts strongly endorse computer users to ignore all instructions in messages and advertisements linked to Jds.drivejava.net and to take steps to remove any PUPs already installed on the affected computer that may be associated with Jds.drivejava.net.

What is the Purpose of the Pop-Up Messages Linked to Jds.drivejava.net

The pop-up message linked to Jds.drivejava.net may appear in two different cases. If the Jds.drivejava.net pop-up message only appears when you visit a specific website, then the best guess is that there is a determined problem with that particular website rather than with your computer. In these cases, malware analysts advise computer users to avoid a PUP or threat caused by Jds.drivejava.net pop-ups by refraining from visiting websites that contain pop-ups and advertisements related to Jds.drivejava.net. If the Jds.drivejava.net pop-up appears whenever you browse the Web, regardless of the websites you visit, then this indicates that a PUP is already present on your computer.

How to Remove PUPs Associated with Jds.drivejava.net

PUPs associated with Jds.drivejava.net may be removed with the help of a strong, reliable and updated anti-malware tool. Although they may be uninstalled, it may take manual measures or some additional help to ensure that all components are entirely removed. It may be necessary to undo unwanted changes made to your Web browser settings by content linked to Jds.drivejava.net.


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