By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Jdn.opendone.net is a browser hijacker that may load several ads or sponsored links throughout its pages or by use of any search functions the home page may have. In some instances the Jdn.opendone.net site could load up automatically on your web browser acting much like the default home page. Reversing this effect could require that you find any associated components or add-on extensions and remove them from your web browser application. Loading of Jdn.opendone.net and its components may be done through the download and installation of random freeware programs from the internet. Even though use of Jdn.opendone.net may not cause immediate harm to your system, it is in your best interest to eliminate any files or components causing Jdn.opendone.net to load automatically potentially annoying you and interrupting surfing of the internet.


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