Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers is a low quality advertisement platform that is associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. If advertisements or pop-ups associated with are appearing on your Web browser repeatedly, this usually indicates that a PUP is installed on your computer. Removing PUPs associated with will stop advertisements or pop-ups from occurring. Various low quality websites with poorly monitored advertisements may display advertisements or pop-ups linked to as well. Typical websites associated with these low quality websites include pornographic Web pages, file sharing websites, online casinos and other types of websites typically regarded as unsafe. If you have to deal with problems associated with, malware analysts advise the use of a reliable security program to scan the affected computer. may Become a Well of Problems

There have been observed a wide variety of unwanted symptoms associated with The emergence of any of the following issues linked to typically indicates the presence of an unwanted component on your Web browser:

  • Browsers affected with PUPs associated with may display irritating pop-up messages or advertisements associated with One of the most worrying aspect of pop-ups is that many try to carry out a well known strategy, claiming that the computer user's software is out of date in order to trick computer users into installing PUPs or other, similar unwanted content.
  • PUPs associated with may cause Web browser performance issues, often causing it to slow down or crash frequently due to their use of system resources.
  • Computer users have reported that PUPs associated with may take over the affected Web browser, forcing it to visit websites linked to and changing its homepage and other settings to


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