Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The URL has been linked to annoying pop-up messages and typical symptoms of PUP infections. Potentially Unwanted Programs are usually problematic Web browser extensions that may cause a wide variety of unwanted symptoms on affected computers. is closely related to various PUPs and may appear in the form of pop-up windows or Web browser redirects to the Web page. If your computer is presenting symptoms associated with, security experts vehemently advise the instantaneous removal of all content associated with from your computer. Typically, PUPs are bundled with freeware applications downloaded from poorly monitored sources, so you can avoid PUPs linked to by being careful when installing any new software.

Symptoms that May Be Associated with

Security analysts have received reports of numerous symptoms associated with The following are common problems that may occur if a PUP associated with is installed on your Web browser:

  • PUPs associated with may take over the affected Web browser, forcing it to visit and websites associated indirectly with repeatedly. Web browser redirects take away control from the computer user and are particularly threatening because the affected Web browser may be redirected to unsafe content.
  • may appear in disruptive pop-up advertisements on the affected Web browser. pop-ups interrupt computer users' activities, preventing them from using the affected Web browser normally.
  • PUPs associated with may make changes to the affected Web browser meant to expose computer users to Some changes associated with this URL include changing the affected Web browser's homepage to


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