By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers is a low quality website that will try to convince computer users that they need to install a bogus Java update. The misleading tactic used by is a common strategy used to try to convince inexperienced computer users into downloading or installing threats or Potentially Unwanted Programs. If you are faced with's message, security analysts strongly advise computer users to ignore and refrain from downloading or installing anything they are not sure of onto their computer. It is important to note that messages urging computer users to download software updates, especially for Web browsers, Java or Adobe Flash Player, are among the most common ways of distributing threats and should be regarded especially suspiciously. If you believe that you need to update Java, you should definitely not do it using Instead, you should obtain all software updates directly from your software's developer's official website or using your operating system's update feature.

The Problems that May Occur If PC Users Agree with the Fake Java Update may be associated with numerous problems on affected computers. This is because the update message associated with may be displayed in the form of a pop-up window when computer users are visiting other websites. This is done by installing a PUP on the affected computer which displays content associated with, causes redirects to the website or changes the affected Web browser's settings to include the URL. These changes may endanger computer users because of the following reasons:

  • redirects and pop-ups may cause computer users to lose control over their Web browser, increasing the likelihood that they'll be exposed to unsafe online content.
  • will try to convince computer users to install software that may be threatening or pose some kind of danger to the affected computer user.
  • Content associated with may endanger your privacy by spying on your online activity or keeping track of your browsing habits.


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