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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

A browser hijacker is the perpetror of the pop-up windows displayed by that welcome users to update their FLV Players because they are out-of-date. The pop-up messages by the browser hijacker may feature the text 'Your Flv Player Version is outdated, have Security Risks, Please Update.' Computer experts note that FLV stands for Flash Video, and FLV files are rendered by the Adobe Flash Player and can be played with video players like Media Player Classic when they are saved on the hard drive. Inexperienced Web surfers are targeted by the browser hijacker that may download and install potentially harmful programs on your computer under the pretense of installing the so-called FLV Player that you do not need to watch videos online. All modern browsers provide FLV support, and you should not substitute the Adobe Flash Player with badware such as the FLV Player.

The browser hijacker may use JavaScript to prevent you from loading videos on YouTube and similar sites to make the updates from more appealing. Moreover, the IP address is related to badware like Qword Browser and Kele55. The browser hijacker may be listed in your 'Control Panel' as Square Network Installer that may sound like a driver for your network card. The browser hijacker may use executable DLLs to modify your browser and change your new tab page settings to accommodate promotional materials. As stated before, it is not a good idea to download the update to FLV Player because it may include harmful software and damage your Windows installation. The proper method to remove the browser hijacker is to install a trusted anti-malware scanner and clean your entire OS.


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