Threat Database Adware 'Is that you' Facebook Virus

'Is that you' Facebook Virus

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus is a tactic that targets Facebook users and exists in several different iterations. Some users report coming across a ‘hahaha’ Facebook Virus or ‘its you’ Facebook Virus versions of this scam.

The ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus tactic aims at tricking users into clicking on a corrupted link. The users targeted by the ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus will see a blurred thumbnail of what appears to be a pornographic video with the caption ‘Is that you.’ The goal is tricking the user into believing that a pornographic video of them has been leaked online. This may strike horror in the hearts of some users who may try to quickly click on the link to review the content and try to take it down to avoid more exposure.

Users report different outcomes to the ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus:

  • Some targeted users were asked to download and install a shady piece of software, which can be threatening potentially.
  • Other users were linked to a fake site hosting a fraudulent prompt that required them to fill in personal information or the login credentials of their Facebook profile.
  • Among the targeted users were individuals who were redirected to a fake Facebook application that requested the permission to post on their behalf, which will likely result in the ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus being propagated to the users on their friends' list.

The ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus is one of the most common Facebook-based tactics. If you happen to come across a post that claims to link to an adult video featuring you, do not lose your cool – this is most certainly nothing more than a scheme. If someone on your Facebook friends list has sent you a link to the ‘Is that you’ Facebook Virus, they may have fallen victim to the hoax themselves.


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