IsoBuster Toolbar

IsoBuster Toolbar Description

The IsoBuster Toolbar seems to have it all. The IsoBuster Toolbar includes links to YouTube and various online radio stations, webmail sites and games. However, ESG security analysts have observed that the IsoBuster Toolbar is actually associated with adware. Because of this, it is advised to be careful with the IsoBuster Toolbar and remove the IsoBuster Toolbar from your computer if the IsoBuster Toolbar is performing tasks that are not to your liking.

The Dangerous Association of the IsoBuster Toolbar with Conduit

The IsoBuster Toolbar is one of the many Web browser toolbars associated with the Conduit search. While they are often associated with legitimate freeware programs, the toolbars themselves offer no additional functionality and are merely designed to generate profits by monetizing the computer user's online activity. The IsoBuster Toolbar may be installed after the installation of IsoBuster or other freeware programs or the IsoBuster Toolbar may be downloaded and installed manually by the computer user. Once installed, the IsoBuster Toolbar may affect how your computer connects to the Internet and will often try to convince the computer user to download and install other applications such as TuneUp Utilities 2013 or other search toolbars associated with Conduit search.

Why Security Researchers Consider that IsoBuster Toolbar is an Adware Infection

Most browser toolbars associated with Conduit search are considered adware due to various unwanted effects on the affected computer. They will often lead to websites containing malicious content or expose computer users to known online scams, such as phishing websites or Web pages selling rogue security programs or promoting pyramid schemes and shady online casinos and pharmacies. One of the most worrying effects of the IsoBuster Toolbar is that the IsoBuster Toolbar contains components that can keep track of your online activity. This information can be used to deliver pop-up advertisements or sold to marketers who want to intrude on your privacy in order to peddle their own products.

The Safest Way to Remove the IsoBuster Toolbar

Typically, removing the IsoBuster Toolbar involves the following steps:

  • Use your Web browser's extension manager to remove the IsoBuster Toolbar. If this is not possible, use Windows' Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.
  • Use a reliable anti-malware program to scan your computer to ensure that no malware has been installed as a result of the IsoBuster Toolbar infection.
  • Manually undo any harmful changes made to your Web browser's settings by the IsoBuster Toolbar


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