By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers Image is one of many search engines that use browser hijackers in order to force unsuspecting computer users into visiting them repeatedly. Sporting a fairly generic gray and orange color scheme and a header image that is recycled throughout the many clones of, this website delivers unreliable search results that are mostly sponsored. The page is also full of links, most of which generate revenue for the creators of through pay-per-click marketing plans. However, none of these characteristics are particularly cause for concern. The main danger associated with is the fact that most computer users visiting this website will do so against their will due to a malware threat on their machine. Because of this, if you are experiencing redirects to the website (or to other, similar websites) it is extremely important that you scan your computer system thoroughly with a reliable anti-malware program.

The Main Problem with the Website has been associated with browser hijackers. While there are many kinds of browser hijackers, ranging from fairly innocuous toolbars to severe rootkit infections, redirects tend to be associated with the most dangerous types of these kinds of infections. Computer users experiencing redirects to the website will often be suffering from a ZeroAccess or Sirefef rootkit infection. This rootkit infection will often include a Trojan component commonly known as the 'Google Redirect Virus.' This browser hijacker receives its name because Google Redirect Virus makes changes to the HOSTS file and the Windows Registry that allow Google Redirect Virus to redirect the victim's search results. Basically, after a computer user carries out an online search on reliable search engines (such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing), the Google Redirect Virus alters the links in the search results so that they link to instead of to their corresponding website.

How Criminals Profit from Directing You to

Like most websites online, generates revenue depending on the online traffic receives. Most of this revenue comes from the number of times certain links are clicked on or the number of times a particular advertisement is shown. Criminals can boost their traffic numbers by forcing computer users to visit repeatedly, rather than by providing interesting or useful content. These kinds of browser redirects are effective at tricking inexperienced computer users, who are more likely to think that the redirect is a normal occurrence, often trying their search again on the website and generating revenue for the criminals behind this search engine.


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