The search engine is closely associated with a known Adware infection known as the Babylon Toolbar. The website resembles a legitimate search engine in all respects. However, carrying out a search on returns results that are, at best, unreliable, and often full of suspicious advertisements and links to web pages that may be promoting online scams or containing malware. While the website itself will not infect your computer with malware, ESG security researchers have observed that most visitors to this web page arrive at contrary to their will, because of a browser hijacker infection. If you are been forced to visit unwanted websites against your authorization, particularly, or if your web browser is behaving strangely, displaying pop-up windows or showing changes to its settings, your computer has been infected with malware.

Redirects to the Website Are a Result of an Adware Infection

The Babylon Toolbar has been classified as adware by numerous anti-malware software manufacturers. This is because keeps track of computer users' online activity and causes their web browser to display advertisements and pop-up windows. The website is a low quality search engine associated with this toolbar. There are many characteristics of a browser hijacker infection associated with One of the most common symptoms is to have your web browser's settings changed without your authorization. Some examples of unauthorized changes associated with this malware threat include having your homepage changed to, finding that your security settings have been altered significantly, and pop-up windows and error messages appearing while browsing the Internet. The main symptom associated with the Babylon Toolbar is to have your online activity redirected to the website against your authorization, often after carrying out a web search on a legitimate search engine.

The best way to prevent redirects to the website is by not installing the Babylon Toolbar in the first place. However, many computer users install this toolbar inadvertently, while trying to install other software (usually freeware programs such as media players or video format converters). To avoid this, ESG security analysts recommend downloading all software directly from the developer and avoiding third-party providers. Many criminals will take legitimate, open source freeware, and then bundle it with malware like the Babylon Toolbar and distribute it as their own. To uninstall this annoying toolbar, ESG security researchers advise the use of a reliable, fully-updated anti-virus application.

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