Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By ESGI Advisor in Browser Hijackers Image is a fake web search engine, which is connected to dangerous browser hijackers and rootkits such as Google Redirect Virus and ZeroAccess rootkit. has no capability of providing any reliable and safe online search requests. If your PC system and web browser have been compromised by any browser hijackers and malware threats such as rootkits, your search results on any search engine including Google, Yahoo and others will be redirected to and other dubious web pages. These browser hijackers and malware threats can hijack your Internet browser, change the DNS settings and HOSTS file. These browser hijacking infections can also change your default search engine and homepage. They may trace your browsing activities and collect personal information. Browser hijackers and rootkits associated with could also decrease your PC performance and compromise your security and privacy. To stop unwanted redirects to, you need to delete all browser hijackers and rootkits by using a legitimate anti-malware application.


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