'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode'

'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode' Description

The 'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode' pop-up is just a dubious trick used by scammers to send IE users into a panic, so they'll purchase rogue software products. The 'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode' pop-up has been attached to the Fake AVG virus as well numerous other malware programs. The pop-up occurs as you're surfing the web and shows security warnings. This is all just to set your system up for the fake system scans that are created to intimidate you into purchasing counterfeit software products. Be careful, because 'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode' pop-up is just a scam.

Technical Information

More Details on 'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode'

The following messages associated with 'Internet Explorer Emergency Mode' were found:
Notice: Some sites refuse connection with Internet Explorer in Emergency Mode. In such case system warning page will be showed to you.
You may use Internet Explorer in Emergency Mode – internal service browser of Microsoft Windows system with limited usability.
Your PC is infected with malicious software and browse couldn’t be launched.