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IntelService.exe CPU Miner

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The IntelService.exe CPU Miner is a program that is installed as a Trojan on the computers of unsuspecting users. The IntelService.exe CPU Miner may be introduced via compromised remote desktop accounts, links to corrupted pages and free software packages. The IntelService.exe CPU Miner is named after the main executable used to run its operations. As you can see, the name of the process includes the name of a major processor manufacturer and serves as a way to mask the file and dissuade users from deleting the file once the miner is launched. The developer of the IntelService.exe CPU Miner took advantage of the 'srvany.exe' utility in Windows to register the IntelService.exe CPU Miner as a user defined service and prevent infected users from deleting the program manually.

When the IntelService.exe CPU Miner is installed, it will connect to a Bitcoin pool that is a server responsible for monitoring and processing Bitcoin payments. Then, the IntelService.exe CPU Miner hijacks as much as 70% of the processing power that your computer has. Your system resources are used by the IntelService.exe CPU Miner to process Bitcoin payments and earn a modest profit for the IntelService.exe CPU Miner developer. However, when hundreds of computers are mining Bitcoins, the profit accumulates and can generate a significant income for its operator. Programs like the IntelService.exe CPU Miner deal with a heavy workload and compromised users may notice that windows appear sluggish when you try to resize them, the browser loads pages slower, and program crashes may occur. Running a Bitcoin miner is not illegal, but users need to research before they dedicate a machine to the task. Running the IntelService.exe CPU Miner for a prolonged period can prove detrimental and diminish your computer's lifespan significantly. If you suspect the IntelService.exe CPU Miner may be on your machine—use a reliable anti-malware scanner to remove potentially unsafe software. AV engines include rules to detect the IntelService.exe CPU Miner and may mark associated files as:

  • Application.BitCoinMiner.LL
  • RDN/Generic PUP.x
  • TR/Lofumin.qwxpo
  • Unwanted-Program ( 004e2f7e1 )
  • W32.Bitcoinminer
  • Win64/BitCoinMiner.BN potentially unsafe


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