InstallCore Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

InstallCore is an browser extension that has been classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program by PC security analysts. There are many unwanted behaviors that are caused by InstallCore. Some of these may include the following:

  • Irritating, repetitive pop-up advertisements on the affected browser.
  • Web browser redirects to Web pages that contain suspicious, potentially damaging content.
  • Sudden appearance on the affected Web browser without being installed by the affected computer user.

InstallCore may be bundled with free software, included as a browser plug-in or toolbar that may be installed along with the free software unless the computer user explicitly opts out. Unfortunately, it may be a difficult process to opt out of InstallCore and similar adware when installing new programs. In many cases, computer users have to use custom or advanced installation to ensure that only the software that they want is installed and that no additional components or PUPs like InstallCore are included in the installation.

Many anti-malware programs may not identify InstallCore because it's a low-level threat. Because of this, security software may not prevent PC users from installing InstallCore. In many cases, computer users may not realize there is a problem until their Web browser starts bombarding them with advertisements and starts redirecting them to low-quality websites against their will. Although some computer users may find InstallCore useful, any benefit that may be derived from using this PUP is outweighed by the many unwanted behaviors that InstallCore causes on affected computers.

What is the Meaning of InstallCore and PUPs with Similar Characteristics

InstallCore makes unwanted changes to the Windows Registry and affected browser's settings. Some of these changes may include the following:

  • InstallCore may change the affected Web browser's default search engine and homepage automatically.
  • InstallCore may add advertisements to websites viewed on the affected Web browser.
  • InstallCore may lower the affected Web browser's security settings and change the affected computer's settings so as to start up automatically when the computer users starts up Windows.
  • Changes to the affected computer's settings that make it difficult to remove InstallCore from the affected PC.

InstallCore may be difficult to remove because of various strategies, such as remaining on the affected PC even after the computer user has uninstalled InstallCore. One problem that has been reported regarding InstallCore is the fact that InstallCore may return if not uninstalled correctly.

Dealing with InstallCore and Similar PUPs

Browser extensions like InstallCore are used for one purpose only: to make money at the expense of PC users. Despite the fact that InstallCore is promoted as a way of gaining extra functions on a Web browser, many of these special offers are questionable or require that computer users fill out suspicious surveys or visit suspicious websites. InstallCore may display numerous advertisements and unwanted content on the affected browser, making it extremely difficult to use and quickly becoming irritating. InstallCore may insert banner advertisements and in-text links on Web pages viewed on the affected browser. This PUP may also cause the affected browser to display pop-up windows and cause numerous performance issues. For example, affected Web browsers may freeze, crash or slow down significantly, often failing to load Web pages entirely. InstallCore may also affect search engines used on the affected browser, making them display advertisements rather than real, useful search results. PC security researchers advise removing InstallCore with the help of a reliable, fully updated anti-malware program capable of detecting and removing PUPs. Once InstallCore has been removed, computer users should restore any settings changed by this PUP to their defaults.

Technical Information

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SpyHunter Detects & Remove InstallCore

File System Details

InstallCore creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 f_0002d9 3503a9bd742e8c006318a45e0e74124e 210
2 6c480bb3548f03a2b70953942943c9c7efd205d7e45d694783fa4ad0ea6f8bf2 4ac6d206aa429c9eb7ea9f31e6653e65 171
3 b549bb5041992d049a542a4ee96854153a6bec1e8891eddd75bd59d0c4b6f12e 71776dc44e1a07ee318832634b29c096 166
4 Bit5AA8.tmp.exe f83f96418b9cc63755101118a0ae59d5 147
5 Bit3763.tmp.exe a482b3b670befeb3a73af1dfafea9602 146
6 bitcomet_setup[1].exe f5a188f4844e874dfc599fd586aefb73 129
7 f_0078fc 0a8ef10c91fc9dd32fb62b5b6a3cc6ad 115
8 BitC61C.tmp.exe ae3ab2debc6c9972ba43527d0892764f 111
9 Bit3D60.tmp.exe b0c67496ee35317cc2a4bd4a41c648b1 107
10 Bit79D0.tmp.exe 7e6328af4e4da7f5c42c8d98494597af 91
11 BitB646.tmp.exe f603b2aa3e80ff9a1fb44c0955cd04e0 91
12 Bit8508.tmp.exe 2fc58c411b7f32a701b52294134ad060 89
13 aTube_Catcher_2241024900.exe 4e4c2e5a5dc4c8a47d8f69292f91a89a 83
14 filezilla_3.49.0_win64_sponsored-setup.exe 8dbbaa884b8f0b1571dbc32acf13b133 79
15 BitA2C9.tmp.exe 38435866bda2da5d879a9c8626713a26 73
16 Bit232A.tmp.exe e0523261bf58a39304adc6011700bef9 69
17 $RWHQK54.exe a846ec26b88a1803ec0ebb46fc722f31 60
18 Bit5E0.tmp.exe ab7859996516e94088925cd6da773a06 52
19 9abc45ed39955ca1ea1b61873f4b87f84e2a391daa5a6ebdb4ca83352133ff16 e83d5030209ce640578653bbb28166e8 41
20 aTube_Catcher_1332679800.exe 42ff6047caa0ff7dea7b1604865ba3a2 40
21 aTube_Catcher_2135584539.exe a29d1e45b069fd3ee845e50e1d79a739 39
22 $R61WGVT.exe bf02d49760cfa812c5b9c13739069917 35
23 Baixaki_Format Factory_2913681990.exe 2125d5a9106f210f322e2032b837c990 31
24 aTube_Catcher_0070660122.exe 8b06462f7bcb9264e3c44fb6cfc7c6c8 29
25 aTube_Catcher_1047005169.exe 37303c37f86c8d57c4b5939e6c348dd5 26
26 media_player_1786027783.exe 5231677253f27135ad18d91b5cd25172 9
27 VirtualBox-13122-AsystentPobierania_4091853220.exe 2753a597c984256161a182bc99bcc42b 4
28 messengerfordesktopsetup_1818897196.exe 5dc9126345c686139c87645f81481299 2
More files

Registry Details

InstallCore creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask
%localappdata%\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].del
Registry key

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