Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Usually, people get constantly redirected to a page called when their computer is infected with an adware threat. Adware is a potentially undesired program that sneaks unnoticed into target devices and then starts running third-party advertising campaigns by displaying ads and banners directly on users’ desktops. Another known feature of adware is to redirect its victims to websites like itself is a rogue website that has no meaningful content. Its only purpose is to trick users into believing they need to install a supposed Flash Player update by clicking on a given button. The scammers exploit a scareware tactic to make users download and install a file from the website, which represents, in fact, a browser hijacker or another adware threat.

When visited, shows the following error message:

“Flash Player might be out of date
It’s recommended to download an updated version of Flash Player”

As you can think, all alerts or warnings by this website are fake, and you should not let it scare you into downloading potentially malicious files or programs. Instead, close the website and ignore all its claims. Additionally, we recommend scanning your PC for malware through an acknowledged anti-virus solution.


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