The domain may feature the tab name 'initDex' in your tab bar. The landing page at appears as in the URL bar, and you may be presented with a generic search page. The site is associated with free applications powered by an Israel-based marketing company listed as PC users who might experience unwanted browser redirects, pop-up windows, search result suggestions by and unusual advertisements on their favorite sites may have installed a program related to We have received multiple reports of browser hijacking and users can't seem to find the responsible browser add-on and plug-ins.

Free applications that are monetized through might change your default search provider and start page to without disclosing their effect on your Internet settings properly. Thus, related application may collect information on your Internet activity, online searches, explored videos and shares on social media. It is troubling that does not offer a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement. Web surfers visiting are shown a simple search bar and a few links to popular services like, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and YouTube. There is only a 'Contact' page mentioned at the bottom of the landing page that features the email address '' Other than the option of "family-friendly" search on you will not find the regular search result sorting you might expect from competitors of Moreover, says to be powered by, but it lacks features that many educated Web users would appreciate like sorting, in-site searches, and file format parameters. The software that locked your Internet settings to may be classified as a browser hijacker and riskware that you can remove using a credible cybersecurity instrument.


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