Threat Database Browser Hijackers is another search services provider that is focused on displaying as many as ads as possible on your screen. The primary goal of the managers is to host the highest paying ads and profit from Web traffic on their site. You may be suggested that is powered by a custom Google Search engine, but there's not code that would suggest the claims on are true. Additionally, the site was reported by users who found that their Internet browser loads automatically. You may want to know that is a clone of that has many other clones registered on the IP address where you will find too.

The appears to be related to a browser hijacker that is likely to travel with free program bundles. Often, users skip the 'Advanced' and 'Custom' option of a program bundle and software downloaders, which allows for the installation of several potentially unwanted apps on your PC. That is how many browser hijackers are transmitted to users, and the next time you are interested in using a free program make sure that it is the only piece of software that is added to your system by choosing the 'Custom' option. The browser hijacker is perceived as an annoying program that might edit the browser shortcuts on your desktop so that you are redirected to every time you load Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. You may be interested in using a trustworthy anti-malware tool to remove the browser hijacker and add the following clones of to your block list (extensions like AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin have one):

  • Birdfinds[.]com
  • Brainfinds[.]com
  • Finditrapid[.]com
  • Reeturn[.]com
  • Searchplode[.]com
  • Seekonlinenow[.]com


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