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The 'Incognito Search' browser extension from might be promoted to the users via free software bundles and application stores similar to the official Chrome Web store. The 'Incognito Search' browser extension can be downloaded from directly. However, many users may be redirected to The 'Incognito Search' extension is promoted to help the users launch a search with the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome in one click and keep their search queries private. When you launch Chrome in Incognito mode, the browser does not record your browsing history, cookies and site data, or keyboard input on online forms. Another important dissimilarity to make here is that the bookmarks and downloaded files are preserved in Incognito mode. Also, your Internet activity is not hidden from employers and school staff monitoring data transmissions, as well as your ISP.

The 'Incognito Search' browser extension from is not endorsed by Google Inc., and the application only changes your default new tab page. The 'Incognito Search' browser extension adds a convenient function to launch Chrome with Incognito settings enabled when you click the 'Incognito Search mode' on the 'Incognito Search' New Tab. The 'Incognito Search' New Tab can be accessed whenever you open a new tab and by clicking the 'Incognito Search' icon on the navigation panel, which loads the following URL: 'chrome-extension://baihgfknnciojligbncdndkkbgmnnllg/html/newtab.html.' The 'Incognito Search' browser extension from uses an offline page to welcome the users into using their integrated search service by Yahoo. Installing the 'Incognito Search' application requires the users to click OK on the following notification from the Chrome Webstore:

'Add "Incognito Search"?
It can:
Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
Replace the page you see when opening a new tab'

Web surfers should note that the 'Incognito Search' browser extension from is published by a marketing company called Aztec Media Inc. ( Your Internet searches are never truly private as you might expect and 'Incognito Search' by Aztec Media uses persistent tracking cookies and reads the user-related browser cookies from sites you visit frequently. That is how the sponsored search results and keywords on the related Yahoo engine are made relevant. Besides, the 'Incognito Search' reroutes the supposedly "private" search queries when you click the 'Incognito Search mode' option via{searchTerms} to Yahoo.

PC users can't disable the Yahoo integration in the 'Incognito Search' browser extension from and can't opt out of the tracking. We do not recommend using 'Incognito Search' by Aztec Media if you are looking for the closest thing to a private search on the Web. You may want to consider loading in an Incognito window of Google Chrome and maybe use that uses a VPN-like model of operation. The 'Incognito Search' browser extension by Aztec Media is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and removing it may be the right step towards limiting what advertisers collect about your online behavior.


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