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'Important: You have 19 Pending incoming email(s) in your spam inbox' Email Scam

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The "Important: You have 19 Pending incoming email(s)" is a name given to an email tactic, spread using a letter that claims the recipient will have a certain amount of emails erased due to an error on the server unless they update their email server. The link in the letter redirects the users to a phishing website, one hosted on the Googleapis API service. The website looks like a login page, one where the users can access their email accounts allegedly. The information entered into it is exposed to the criminals behind the tactic.

The "Important: You have 19 Pending incoming email(s)" scam also informs the users their emails are placed on hold due to an email server error. According to the fraudsters, unless action is taken by the users, the pending letters will be deleted in four days. The victims are urged to update their email servers to eliminate the error, allegedly so they can receive their email. The tactic contains a table listing some of the alleged emails, with names like "Remittance Payment Advice for FOY," "DHL Express Shipment 773017357361 Notification," "Re: Re: Contract" and "Re: SALES ORDER CONFIRMATION."

According to the tactic, if the message was found in the Spam folder, recipients need to move it to their inbox. When the 'update email server' link is clicked, users are redirected to a phishing website run by the con artists. Emails are useful to these individuals, as the accounts are usually connected to others. Hijacking emails allow the fraudsters to gain access to social media, social networking, e-commerce portals, data storage, online money transfer, bank accounts and more. Trusting these people means risking losing your email account and all connected accounts, with the potential of privacy issues and identity theft.


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