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Imperium Metamorpher RAT

The Imperium Metamorpher RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a hacking tool that has been around for a while. There are advertisements promoting the Imperium Metamorpher RAT on online hacking forums to this day. It would appear that the first time the Imperium Metamorpher RAT appeared online was back in March 2013. According to cybersecurity analysts, some of the Imperium Metamorpher RAT copies are likely to include a hidden backdoor, which means that the crooks who try to use them would end up having their systems hijacked.

The authors of the Imperium Metamorpher RAT have uploaded the source code of the threat online. Since the source code of this Trojan has been available publicly for a while, many cybercriminals have opted to expand it by adding new features, which have gone a long way in weaponizing the Imperium Metamorpher RAT further. Despite the fact that this threat was created back in 2013, it is still very potent and threatening to this day since various cyber crooks have applied updates to it and expanded its capabilities over the years. It is likely that the Imperium Metamorpher RAT is being distributed with the help of bogus emails, fake pirated video games and movies, torrent trackers, fraudulent software updates and downloads, etc.

The Imperium Metamorpher RAT may be rather stealthy once it compromises its target. If the Imperium Metamorpher RAT manages to infiltrate a targeted host successfully, it will allow its operators to:

  • Take screenshots of the user's active windows and desktop.
  • Stream the user's activity by recording their screen.
  • Get access and take control of the victim's CD-ROM, desktop, keyboard and mouse.
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Download and execute files.
  • Access the device's camera.
  • Access the host's active processes, files and Windows Registry.
  • Visit websites using the victim's Web browser.
  • Obtain the login credentials saved in various FTP clients, instant messaging applications and Web browsers.

As you can see, the Imperium Metamorpher RAT is capable of causing a significant amount of damage to its victims. It is crucial that your computer is protected by a genuine, up-to-date anti-malware solution that will not allow the Imperium Metamorpher RAT anywhere near your system and your data.


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