Image Seeker

Image Seeker is a low-quality Web browser add-on that is not likely to provide you with the excellent service it may promise you. The end goal of this extension is not offering high-quality features or exciting content but hijacking the user's Web browser. This is why the Image Seeker Web browser extension is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

If you install the Image Seeker add-on, you may notice some significant changes in your Web browser. This is because the Image Seeker extension is designed to go behind your back and set up the website as your default new tab page. This helps the boost its traffic and its revenue. Despite the fact that this affiliated website does not host any harmful content, it is not likely to meet your expectations in regards to quality service.

You should consider removing the Image Seeker Web browser add-on from your PC if you want to reverse the changes it has applied to your system settings. You can do this manually or via a legitimate PC security application.


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