Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a browser hijacker designed to promote the fake search engine Hyperlink Search. To achieve their goal and have a broad reach, threat actors have made this Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) capable of affecting all popular browsers. Once installed on a device, undertakes some crucial modifications in the browser's settings: it changes the homepage, new tab address, and default search engine, replacing them with the fake search URL –

After infecting a system, launches on every browser startup and redirects all the user searches through its own search engine. That generates artificial traffic and advertising revenue for its creators while putting users' online safety at risk. As fake search tools like this one cannot conduct an independent search, they derive the displayed results from a legit search engine. The presented page is usually injected with irrelevant pages and/or links to potentially unsafe websites. In some cases, browser hijackers also can deliver harmful advertisements and banners.

Programs like are considered potentially unwanted due to their questionable means of spreading around. Their creators usually bundle them within freeware as additional downloads, so they penetrate the computers automatically. Many of them have features that can cause severe privacy issues, like extracting the user's information and browsing data. Obviously, should be removed as soon as possible from the affected devices.


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