Hypercam Toolbar

Hypercam Toolbar Description

The Hypercam Toolbar is a PUP, or Potentially Unwanted Program. Typically, the Hypercam Toolbar changes the settings of the affected computer's Web browser to promote questionable websites. The Hypercam Toolbar is considered an adware infection because the Hypercam Toolbar is supported by advertisements and is mainly used to expose victims to advertising content. The Hypercam Toolbar is installed on the most popular Web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, taking the form of an add-on, browser helper object, plug-in, extension or other type of Web browser component. One particularly worrying aspect of a Hypercam Toolbar infection is the fact that the Hypercam Toolbar may run on the affected computer independently of the affected Web browser, unlike legitimate Web browser extensions. This means that the Hypercam Toolbar may continue to take up system resources while the Web browser is not operational, negatively impacting the affected computer's performance.

How May the Hypercam Toolbar Be Installed on a Computer

There are several tactics that are used to trick inexperienced computer users into installing the Hypercam Toolbar on their Web browser. Most of the time, the Hypercam Toolbar is bundled with a freeware or shareware downloaded from questionable public download websites. In many cases, the Hypercam Toolbar may be disguised as a legitimate video player or utility, and may be downloaded directly by computer users believing the Hypercam Toolbar to be a beneficial application. Security analysts recommend removing the Hypercam Toolbar from the affected computer. There have been many reports indicating that the Hypercam Toolbar's adware tactics resort in unwanted symptoms on the affected Web browsers. More importantly, the Hypercam Toolbar may compromise your privacy by monitoring your online activity. This, coupled with symptoms such as Web browser redirects, pop-up advertisements and system performance issues make the removal of Hypercam Toolbar a priority.

The Measures Suitable with the Hypercam Toolbar Removal

The Hypercam Toolbar may usually be uninstalled using the Windows Control Panel. In most cases, traces of a Hypercam Toolbar infection may remain on the affected computer. Malware analysts urge computer users to scan their computer systems with a strong, reliable anti-malware tool to ensure that no files or components associated with the Hypercam Toolbar remain on the affected computer after the removal of the Hypercam Toolbar is completed.

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