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By Domesticus in Trojans

HTML/Redir.EB.8 a Trojan that is involved in an online scam connected with Craigslist and eFax Corporate. HTML/Redir.EB.8 circulates via unsolicited Craigslist fax-to-email messages. The spam Craigslist email allegedly dispatched via eFax Corporate encompasses an attachment of an HTML page, which fools affected PC users into opening it on the targeted computer system. The bogus email allegedly comes from 'craigslist ? automated message, do not reply ' with the subject 'Efax Corporate'. The text of the junk Craigslist email says 'View attached fax using your Internet Browser'. The attached document involves a malevolent Java script code which would download a malware infection, recognized as attachment on the corrupted PC.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove HTML/Redir.EB.8

File System Details

HTML/Redir.EB.8 may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. Efax Corporate.msg 2eab1675cc75ff96ab20d7de1fe587b0 0
2. 3b4c2d0695f2de3b01dab896833504ae 3b4c2d0695f2de3b01dab896833504ae 0
3. E-Ticket-N234922XM.htm 00163fb93527d7032a83fd7c9c04a697 0
4. 20adc5e61d8d3d86d7389b46b3690f98 20adc5e61d8d3d86d7389b46b3690f98 0
5. Ups_NR88212.htm 5af21c402fc10b4e02c90226263df931 0


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