Threat Database Trojans HTML_IFRAME.USR


By Domesticus in Trojans

HTML_IFRAME.USR is a Trojan that is a part of the Blackhole Exploit Kit (BHEK) spam campaign aims at social networking website Pinterest and its users. HTML_IFRAME.USR proliferates via spam email messages. The affected PC user receives the spam email message in the inbox. The deceptive email attempts to imitate a legal email from Pinterest and announces the target recipient about a successful password change. The fraudulent email message also incorporates a link that would permit the PC user to see the new password. If the victimized computer user clicks on the link, he/she is rerouted to various tricky websites. This diversion is found as HTML_IFRAME.USR. HTML_IFRAME.USR then distributes another malware infection onto the compromised PC, TROJ_PIDIEF.USR, which in turn downloads BKDR_KRIDEX.KA. HTML_IFRAME.USR runs the dropped files. HTML_IFRAME.USR connects to the specific websites to download and run an infected file.


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