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By Domesticus in Trojans

HTML/Drop.Agent.AB is a Trojan that propagates via malevolent HTML files. HTML/Drop.Agent.AB can be unknowingly downloaded on the victimized PC alongside with unsafe content from the web. HTML/Drop.Agent.AB might be hard to find and uninstall from the compromised PC by many anti-virus programs. HTML/Drop.Agent.AB can download and install more malware infections on the infected computer system. HTML/Drop.Agent.AB corruptd web related files so that they could be later found as harmful.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove HTML/Drop.Agent.AB

File System Details

HTML/Drop.Agent.AB may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. output.9462971.txt 784f13c99a3200c2909b299e5a39a590 0
2. 717d72586c063af235d4f20697384ede 717d72586c063af235d4f20697384ede 0
3. 5d8532ddf8c1ef983bc5ab2f3262e5fa 5d8532ddf8c1ef983bc5ab2f3262e5fa 0
4. 0af5d9f457220850127c8d90939b8ff7 0af5d9f457220850127c8d90939b8ff7 0
5. 45d0e05f62dadcb5ddd40f2837678709 45d0e05f62dadcb5ddd40f2837678709 0


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