By Domesticus in Keyloggers

H@tKeysH@@k is a harmful application categorized as a keylogger, which can enter a targeted PC without a computer user's authorization. When installed, H@tKeysH@@k records the affected computer user's keystrokes and transfers this data to a distant server where cybercrooks look for beneficial information. H@tKeysH@@k can help cybercrooks steal private details from the PC including logins, passwords and banking details. H@tKeysH@@k may also add or delete files leading to infiltration of other malware threats. H@tKeysH@@k is distributed as a component of the Trojan, which can easily enter the attacked PC.

File System Details

H@tKeysH@@k may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. emp#01.exe
2. h@tkeysh@@k.dll
3. temp#01.exe


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