Hot Deals Pop-Up

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 1,890
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 6,012
First Seen: March 27, 2014
Last Seen: September 20, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The 'Hot Deals' pop-up will try to convince you that the 'Hot Deals' pop-up can offer you special deals, coupons or offers related to online shopping. Typically, the 'Hot Deals' pop-up is associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. These types of components may be installed as Web browser add-ons, extensions, or toolbars and claim to offer some kind of useful service. For example, PUPs associated with the 'Hot Deals' pop-up will claim that they can save your money when you shop online. However, there are no real benefits to using PUPs associated with 'Hot Deals' pop-up or clicking on the supposed special deals contained in the 'Hot Deals' pop-up. The main purpose of the 'Hot Deals' pop-up and PUPs associated with this pop-up is to provide its creators with illicit monetary gain by delivering advertisements and exposing computer users to marketing material or sponsored websites. Because of this, PC security researchers strongly advise using a strong, reliable security program to remove all content associated with the 'Hot Deals' pop-up from the affected computer.

The Hot Deals that are Better if Avoided?

PC security researchers have noted that, in the process of advertising to computer users, the 'Hot Deals' pop-up and its associated PUPs may create a variety of symptoms on affected computers. The following are common problems related to the 'Hot Deals' pop-up or to its associated PUPs:

  • The 'Hot Deals' pop-up may interrupt the computer users' online activities, displaying irritating advertisements and supposed 'special deals' when computer users click on a link, carry out an online search or use the Internet in other ways.
  • The 'Hot Deals' pop-up may cause a bad performance from Web browsers. For example, the 'Hot Deals' pop-up may be associated with severe slowness on the affected Web browser or frequent crashing.
  • Advertisements and links contained in the 'Hot Deals' pop-up may lead to potentially unsafe online content or known misleading tactics. Agreeing to the 'Hot Deals' pop-up may result in the infiltration of PUPs on the affected machine.


Hot Deals Pop-Up may call the following URLs:


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