The Horizonprize.com site hosts one of the oldest tactics on the Internet – a fake giveaway. If you tend to browse illicit streaming platforms, sites hosting adult content, gambling pages, or similar shady sites, you may come across the Horizonprize.com website. If you launch the Horizonprize.com Web page, you will be told that you have won an incredible, highly-valuable prize. Usually, fake giveaways would claim that the user has won a big-screened TV, the latest model smartphone, or a similar expensive gadget. This makes it more likely for the user to attempt to claim the fake prize.

However, the Horizonprize.com site is not giving away any prizes as this page is just a scheme that seeks to take advantage of its users. To make this tactic more believable, the developers of the Horizonprize.com site have posted fake reviews by ‘previous winners’ that are all flawless. Furthermore, they have included personal details of past winners, such as name and location. However, if the users want to claim their prizes, they may be asked to pay for a subscription to an affiliated service. The site also may require them to submit sensitive personal information such as a home address, full name and phone number. Do not provide shady websites like the Horizonprize.com page with any personal information.

If you have stumbled upon the Horizonprize.com site, do not believe any of its claims, as there is no prize to be won. Simply exit the site and carry on with your day.


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