Homoviper.com executes a browser-based scheme, which end goal is to use your browser notifications. Since the only way to make it possible is by obtaining permission from the machine's owner, the people behind Homoviper.com use a deceptive tactic to make them allow it to use the needed notifications. The reason for Homoviper.com's efforts to use these notifications is that it will use them to deliver a non-stop flow of interfering advertisements.

The method used to convince innocent users to give Homoviper.c that permission is by displaying a message asking the users to click 'Allow' as the condition for them to watch a video, access useful content and even continue browsing. However, the 'Allow' button that supposedly is an anti-robot test serves an entirely different purpose: clicking on it, the computer users will consent with the use of their Web browser notifications.

If you think that the Homoviper.com notifications can be helpful or interesting, you will be highly disappointed – their real objective is to generate revenue for its developers by displaying sponsored advertisements that may not be safe to access. Therefore, if you see Homoviper.com notifications all the time and want to stop them for good, you need to restore your Web browser's settings to its previous configuration. To cancel Homoviper.com's permissions, go to the 'Site Settings' section of your Web browser's configuration and remove it.


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