History Wipe Clean

History Wipe Clean promotes itself as a helpful tool that allows users to increase their privacy while browsing the internet, mainly by preventing searches and searching history from being tracked and wiping the browser history every time the web browser is opened. Unfortunately, despite claiming to have such useful features, History Wipe Clean is another browser hijacker app that belongs to the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) category.

No matter if History Wipe Clean was installed because of its advertised features or it was installed unwittingly due to being bundled with another free software, users will soon find that their default browser settings have been modified. The users' default search engine will now be set to advancedsearchlabs.com, which appears to be a fake search engine that redirects to search.yahoo.com for the actual search results delivered to the user.

Users who wish to shield their browsing history by using History Wipe Clean may be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that they will now be tracked by the app instead. To deliver on its promises, History Wipe Clean demands to be allowed to read and change all user data on the visited websites and be permitted to manage any user downloads.

Keeping History Wipe Clean on your computer system represents a security risk that shouldn't be overlooked. The possibility of ads or sponsored content being injected into the results of any search query and the fact that the app itself will start tracking the user are sufficient reasons to remove History Wipe Clean immediately, by using legitimate security software, preferably.


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