Hiroje.com is a website created with a singular goal - to generate revenue by displaying unwanted advertisements to all unsuspecting users to subscribe to its push notification. The site employs social-engineering tricks to hide its true intentions. Hiroje.com plays on its visitors' curiosity by displaying a video window that is buffering and presenting the following text message 'Click Allow to watch the video' currently.

Doing so will not play any video. Instead, the users would have given Hiroje.com everything it needs to execute its fraudulent programming. The site can now generate third-party advertisements on the affected device's screen and closing the browser will not stop them. Users will be shown advertisements for adult websites, which could happen at very inopportune times, online casinos or dubious software updates.

The simplest way to handle what is happening is to open the Settings of your browser, scroll down to the permissions tab, locate Hiroje.com and remove everything related to the site.


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