Hilycover.top is a website dedicated to promoting questionable products and services by displaying advertisements on users' desktops directly. Most users do not open Hilycover.top deliberately; rather, a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) installed on their computers or a random advertisement on the Internet has redirected them to this page. In any case, Hilycover.top needs to make its visitors subscribe to its browser notifications to run its campaigns, and that usually happens through a deceptive clickbait tactic. A typical example is a fake CAPTCHA bot test:

'Hilycover.top wants to Show notifications
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Clicking on the given 'Allow' button subscribes the user to browser notifications from this rogue website. Subsequently, Hilycover.top starts showing excessive amounts of advertisements on the subscribers' screens, even if no browser is open. Hilycover. top's promotional messages can potentially infect users with various malware threats or redirect online traffic to potentially unsafe websites. Besides, the massive number of pop-ups can lead to deteriorating computer performance and browsing experience.

Adware programs also can be the reason behind Hilycover.top pop-ups; therefore, users affected by this fraud should scan their computer with a reliable anti-virus application.


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