Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers

The URL is used as part of a Winlocker and ransomware dishonest tactic. Computer users visiting will be locked out of their own Web browser. may affect most Web browsers on the Windows operating system and security researchers have received reports of computer users affected using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Computer users visiting will be asked to pay a fine due to having supposedly violated various laws. The website accuses computer users of viewing forbidden pornographic material or distributing threats, as well as several other transgressions. In fact, is simply a website that contains a compromised JavaScript that allows to display a full window message and prevents computer users from leaving or closing the affected Web browser. Computer users should ignore the content on and should regard as part of a well known online scam.

The Relationship Between and the Police Ransomware

Police Ransomware Trojans are threats that block all access to a computer and display a bogus, full screen message from the police as soon as Windows starts up. In fact, the message contained in is nearly identical to the bogus police messages used by certain Police Ransomware infections and probably represents a next step in the developments of these infections. Rather than blocking the entire computer, content associated with may lead computer users to this Web page, which will then prevent the computer user from using the affected Web browser. Uses Social Engineering to Reach PC Users

The tactic is simple to understand. Essentially, this website contains a fake message from the police that claims that the affected Web browser was blocked by the police because the computer user committed various online crimes. The website demands the payment of a $300 USD 'police fine' through Ukash, MoneyPak or a variety of other online payment services. Computer users should refrain from paying this bogus fine and should instead stay away from unsafe websites and protect their computer with a strong, fully updated anti-malware application, especially whenever they are browsing the Web.


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