High PC Booster

The High PC Booster software is promoted via hxxp://www.highpcbooster[.]com/index.php as a capable Registry cleaner. The High PC Booster features a trial version and a PRO version, which is priced at 19,99 USD without the extended download service that would cost you an additional 8,40 USD. The trial version of the High PC Booster can be installed on computers through free software packages, and it allows PC users to perform a complete system scan that is supposed to reveal any problems that hinder the maximum performance of your machine. The High PC Booster claims to improve the user's system performance by removing bad registry keys and clutter like temporary files and speed up the system boot by terminating third-party apps from booting with Windows.

Computer experts note that cleaning the Registry should not be done manually and Microsoft does not encourage users to make changes to the Registry as it may lead to program crashes. Using the High PC Booster software is not going to improve your system performance significantly, and you may not notice positive results from running High PC Booster PRO. You may be led to believe that High PC Booster can deliver amazing optimizations but that is simply a marketing trick to get you buy the commercial license for the High PC Booster. The High PC Booster software is developed by Longrun Software Private Ltd. and sold via hxxps://store.ultraheal[.]com/c/shop?ID=hpc1&ml=EN&cntr=US. You may be interested to know that Longrun Software Private Ltd. has released a product under the name of PC Smart Cleanup, which features the same interface and capabilities of the High PC Booster. The PC Smart Cleanup can be found on hxxp://pcsmartcleanup[.]com and you may be hard-pressed to find notable differences when compared to hxxp://www.highpcbooster[.]com/index.php. Both products were received poorly due to questionable scan results produced on test machines and complaints about scary system error reports generated by the High PC Booster and PC Smart Cleanup. High PC Booster and its predecessor are deemed as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). You might wish to seek a user-friendly alternative that is deemed as a trusted solution among PC users.

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