The Hidemyhistory.co is a search engine that users may end up with unknowingly if they trusted a shady Web browser extension promising them to improve their privacy online. It is likely that the Hidemyhistory.co site is being promoted by a Web browser add-on that claims to help users' hide their history' online. If you like to conceal your browsing history, you need simply to open a private (also known as incognito) page on your preferred Web browser. Using private mode on your Web browser will prevent it from storing your Web browsing history. This means that the installation of any third-party applications are not mandatory because every reputable Web browser has a private mode.

However, users who have the Hidemyhistory.co site set as their default search engine may notice that they are not getting the organic search results that reputable search engines would provide them with. This is due to the fact that dubious search engines like Hidemyhistory.co are likely to push sponsored content as first results, instead of displaying the most relevant search results. It is best to avoid interaction with the advertisements delivered by the Hidemyhistory.co, as they may promote unsafe or low-quality content.

If the Hidemyhistory.co site is set as your default search engine, it is likely that you have a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) present on your system. Make sure to scan your computer with a genuine anti-virus application that will help you locate and remove any PUPs that may be present on your device.


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