The HideMeFast application is a utility that may claim to help users protect their anonymity or reduce the traces of their browsing activity. However, the main goal of the HideMeFast application is not to offer you excellent service but hijack your Web browser.

The HideMeFast utility is listed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This application will go behind your back to change the configurations of your Web browser. The goal is to set up an affiliated website as your default new tab page. This means that whenever you open a new tab page in your Web browser, you will be redirected to the site affiliated with the activity of the HideMeFast PUP. Using the site, which the HideMeFast application redirects you to, does not pose a threat to your system. However, this is a low-quality page, which is not likely to provide you with good service.

If you think it is better to revoke the changes applied by the HideMeFast application, you should remove this PUP from your system with the help of a trustworthy, modern anti-malware utility.


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