Threat Database Trojans Heuristic.ADH


Heuristic.ADH is a harmful Trojan infection. On infiltrating a system Heuristic.ADH will infect executable files and negatively affect the normal operations of the system. Heuristic.ADH may spread via P2P networks and spammed e-mails. To avoid easy removal Heuristic.ADH may create a registry entry that will ensure that it loads with every system start-up. Have Heuristic.ADH removed from an infected machine immediately after detection.


4 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
- Dropper/Malware.216318
- not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win32.Aefdisk32
- Mal/Generic-A
- Generic PUP.x!ck


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