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'' Technical Support Scam

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The '' website is meant to appear as a legitimate Web page that would offer you solutions to various technical problems you may have on your PC. However, the '' site is not in the business of cybersecurity, quite the opposite.

The '' website is likely to be promoted with constant pop-up advertisements. These advertisements would attempt to trick the users into believing that their PCs are in urgent need of maintenance. This is attained by presenting the user with fake and severely overexaggerated reports about serious technical issues present on their systems. They also would time-pressure the person by stating that the issues in question need to be resolved as soon as possible. The supposed issues that the '' site reports to the user vary from infection with malware to hacking attempts. The advertisement would contain a link to the '' page where the users will be redirected if they click on the pop-up. The message also might suggest that the user calls a certain phone number where they are meant to receive technical support.

The shady individuals behind the '' website may attempt to convince you to:

  • Pay for their dodgy software solution, which is meant to resolve your technical issues.
  • Give them remote access to your system.
  • Pay for services, which will not be provided to you.

You should be very wary of websites that use such aggressive marketing as they are shady, to say the least. Do not pay for services or software, which you have not first researched. A quick search will show you that there are numerous complaints on the Microsoft Community boards, as well as on Reddit where people who have already been tricked warn others against trusting the '' website. Furthermore, you should avoid browsing websites with dubious content, which is where tactics like the '' Tech Support scam are being advertised.

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My wife just received a phone call stating that her iPad Cloud account has been hacked and wanted her to use my office PC to log onto to "help" her fix the issue. I told the rep to kiss my hairy ass, and hung up. Thanks


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