Helgminers.com Description

Helgminers.com is a fraudulent website dedicated to the promotion of a browser-based tactic. The website's goal is to trick users into giving it the necessary permission to start delivering sponsored advertisements to the device's screen directly. To achieve its dubious goal, Helgminers.com, and all of the numerous sites similar to it, rely on various social-engineering tricks and tactics.

Upon landing on Helgminers.com, all visitors are shown several fake alert or error messages. The specific text may vary, but they all attempt to entice or lure the unsuspecting user into clicking the 'Allow' button. The most common method is for the misleading website to pretend to be carrying a bot captcha check. Helgminers.com, on the other hand, claims that the 'Allow' button will allow the users to proceed to the main site. There is no such site, and instead, visitors who follow the instructions will now be subjected to a stream of unsolicited advertisements.