Cybercriminals have designed thousands of rogue pages like Hectorys.online with the intention of sending unwanted advertisements directly to users’ computers or mobile devices. Hectorys.online runs a common browser-based scam using a standard social engineering technique to get browser notifications approval from its visitors. When visited, this potentially malicious page pretends to do a CAPTCHA-verification test for bots:

“Hectorys.online wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!”

Users who do not recognize that it is a fake message and hit the “Allow” button subscribe to the push-notifications of this website, allowing Hectorys.online to show them ads and other commercial content from third-parties. All of these ads show up on the screen even if no browser is running. They typically contain potentially harmful links to pages with adult content, online gaming websites, or download websites of fake/pirated software and PUPs.

You can delete Hectorys.online's notifications permission from your browser's settings. However, you should also scan your PC for adware and browser hijackers, especially if your browser launches websites like Hectorys.online automatically. PUPs have many dangerous features that can cause severe privacy issues and financial losses; therefore, they should be removed immediately after detection.


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