Hdnewfilm.ru Description

Hdnewfilm.ru is a mostly empty website designed to propagate a browser-based scheme. Using various social-engineering tricks, these misleading websites attempt to trick any unsuspecting visitor into subscribing to their push notification services. As a result, Hdnewfilm.ru will then start generating revenue for its creators by delivering third-party advertisements to the affected device's screen.

The most widespread method used by this tactic kind is the websites pretending to be conducting a bot captcha check. Hdnewfilm.ru, however, employs a different tactic. When a visitor lands on the site, a fake video that apparently is buffering is currently displayed. Taking advantage of the visitors' curiosity, Hdnewfilm.ru states that to watch the video, the users have to click the 'Allow' button.

All those who followed this unsafe website's instructions will soon start receiving unwanted advertisements for shady online game sites, adult websites, or dubious software updates. The sheer number of advertisements generated by Hdnewfilm.ru could start to interfere with the normal browsing experience on the affected device.

Fortunately, it is not that difficult to deal with this scheme. Users who see the advertisements from Hdnewfilm.ru have to open the 'Settings' menu of their browser, scroll down to the 'Permissions' section, and revoke anything that has been granted to Hdnewfilm.ru.

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