Browsing shady websites often may expose you to various digital content that you are not used to seeing. For example, Hatnofort.com is a page to known to host exactly content of this sort – it may display a video player that is said to contain interesting media content. However, the user is not allowed to view it unless they complete a certain action – the Hatnofort.com page asks them to click the 'Allow' button on a prompt that demands to authorize Hatnofort.com to display browser notifications. While this may not be considered a big deal, meeting this requirement will enable the Hatnofort.com's authors to push all advertisements by using your browser's integrated notification feature.

The advertisements that Hatnofort.com promotes may vary, but they are likely to have one thing in common – they will show up no matter if your browser is opened or closed, and they are guaranteed to ruin your Web browsing experience. The authors of the Hatnofort.com may prefer to promote paid services and software by using an affiliate link – this way, if any user opts to make a purchase, Hatnofort.com's operators will receive a fraction of the price.

If you see the Hatnofort.com notifications in your browser, then you should certainly see to remove them as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are two easy ways to accomplish this task – you can either use an up-to-date PC security tool to assist you with the task, or navigate to your Web browser's settings menu and limit Hatnofort.com's permissions manually.


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