Hastikapubli.club is a browser-based scam using popups to trick a user into subscribing to push notifications so that it may send unwanted ads to their computer or phone. The website itself is a malicious site that displays fake error messages, attempting to make users subscribe to its browser notifications. The deceptive messages showed by the Hastikapubli.club website look like the following:

Hastikapubli.club wants to Show notifications.
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

Users are advised to avoid clicking on the Allow button when they spot such messages. Clicking the button would make it, so they start seeing spam popups from the Hastikapubli.club website on their phone or computer. That may keep happening even when the browser is closed. The spam notification ads coming from Hastikapubli.club are often about adult websites, potentially unwanted programs, online video games, and fake software updates, among other things.

Hastikapulbi.club popups may appear in other ways as well, specifically from software bundles that offer multiple programs in the same installation package. Such bundles often come with optional software that may be automatically installed if the users choose non-custom options during the process. Whenever a software bundle is installed, it is recommended to check out the terms and conditions and uncheck any additional software. For the most part, it's best to avoid such bundles altogether, opting for installing software from official vendors where there won't be any additional apps inside the installation file.


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